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Special updates

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Who joined the winners circle? Take a look at the teams who completed the entire challenge (All seven chapters and the final puzzle).  (Updated: 26.11.22)

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Three light versions of the septology have been created for those who wish to play shorter experiences (45 minutes - 1.5 hours). (Updated: 8.5.21)

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If you represent a large corporate group and you want your teams to participate, contact me (Goti) via email(Updated: 13.3.21)

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Two example puzzles have been published! Go try them! See if you have what it takes!

(Updated: 27.2.21)

Join the event's facebook page to be in the know about everything!

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 Feel welcome to take photos and screenshots and share them with us!

We'll keep you posted on the following puzzle chapters. Good luck.

All rights reserved for Wild Child (2021).

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