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Winners' circle

These are the teams that conquered The Chernobyl Septology.

The Chernobyl Septology

   Review the Deadlocked Room   

The first team to finish!

Charlie Bond

Gordon Soutar

James Hamer-Morton

Liz Soutar

The Chernobyl Septology

   ETR & The Escape Roomer   

Cici Cao

Mairi Nolan

The Chernobyl Septology

   Les pas de Gilles   

David B. LaFleur

Gilles Duchesne

Kevin Currie

Patrick Pilon

The Chernobyl Septology

   No Nadav   

Asaf Yahalom

Daria Shamai

Ellen Doms

The Chernobyl Septology

   Les Geniuses   

Debbie Tamburrini

Nadine Tamburrini


Tal Yam

Oren Yona

The Chernobyl Septology

   The Tigers (Armis)   


Yakir Keisar

Ofer Horowitz

Shiri Ladelsky

The Chernobyl Septology

 Furious Acorns 

Nadezhda Danabasheva

Hristo Tomov

Lilyana Boneva

Anton Konduzov

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