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Get to know the desolate town of Chernobyl and the ghost city of Pripyat as well as their history from the days before the nuclear accident.


This is also your chance to test your puzzle-solving skills and stand shoulder to shoulder with the leading minds of our generation.


Whether you're a top academic, a high-flying CEO or just a regular Joe, this game is for everyone. Collaboration and teamwork is the name of the game, so grab your family, friends or colleagues and use the combined power of your brains.


This series of 7 puzzle chapters is for the creatively insane and the insanely creative, or for those who simply want to expand their horizons.


See the views. Walk around. Feel. Think. Commemorate.

Core Galore



Get ready for the Chernobyl Septology and assemble your team.

Purchasing the Chernobyl Septology for you and your teammates is available through contacting Goti (the game's creator). This one-time purchase will grant your team access to each of the series chapters, provided that you've gained enough points to advance to it.

Teams that solve all the series chapters could eventually become a part of something bigger. Bring your intellect to the table.

There might be more for those who make it.

Chapter 1- Core Galore
Chapter 2- Geiger says
The third chapter of the online escape game
The fifth chapter of the puzzle hunt
To be revealed...

Puzzle examples

Each puzzle contains a pairing of an illustration with a Google Earth link. You'll be able to solve the puzzle by carefully examining the environment you're transported to. Be on the lookout for clues and patterns that might lead you to the solution. Found something? Don't keep it to yourself! Share your discoveries with your teammates.

Collaboration is the key to success!

Once you've entered the Google Earth link, use your keyboard or click and drag the mouse to look around you. There is no need to look anywhere else but in the link itself.

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 Feel welcome to take photos and screenshots and share them with us!

Who am I?
Wild Child logo

My name is Goti, and I'm an international puzzler. I created this series of puzzles after being inspired by HBO's Chernobyl series. My curiosity has led me down this rabbit hole and into the lap of history books, mesmerizing documentaries and countless Wikipedia articles. Learning about the disaster, its costs, its heroes and the struggles the survivors still face has pushed me to create a new means of awareness for what happened and the lessons that mankind still need to internalize. Future profits from the puzzle series will be donated to 'Chernobyl Children International' whom give support and hope to children living in the aftermath of the 1986 Chernobyl Nuclear disaster.

All rights reserved for Wild Child (2023).

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