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Light versions of 'The Chernobyl Septology'

These light versions are especially great for team building exercises within the workplace and for groups of friends or family that want to play a shorter experience.

Each volume contains six cryptic puzzles that teleport you to the desolate town of Chernobyl. Get ready for group action, mind-bending challenges and even a bit of history.

The expected duration for each volume (for a team of 5 people) is 40 min- 1.5 hours long.

Difficulty levels: Mostly easy and medium. 

If you want the full experience and all the 55 puzzles (seven unique team building events) in the same price as one volume, you can book a team ticket or contact Goti (for corporate booking)


Note: The full septology is designated for brilliant teams only, as some chapters contain hard/expert puzzles.

Chernobyl Volume 1
Chernobyl Volume 2
Chernobyl Volume 3

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 Feel welcome to take photos and screenshots and share them with us!

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