Core Galore



How do I purchase a game ticket for my team?

Click on the 'Book now' button in the upper right corner.


When can we start playing the game after we purchased?

Whenever you want.


What are the chapters within the game?

Chapter 1 -Core Galore

Chapter 2 -Geiger says

Chapter 3 -Natura

Chapter 4 - Clickety Click

Chapter 5 - Obscura

Chapter 6 - Le vitrage

Chapter 7 - Higher Dosage


What are the puzzles like?

They are very visual and very cryptic. Not a lot of text, unless it's important.  Here you can find two example puzzles.


How long are these puzzle chapters?

Most chapters are expected to take between 1.5-3 hours (for a group of around five people). Some chapters may take longer than others.


Will there be any hints for the various puzzles?

Nope! I wish to sharpen your minds even at the cost of total frustration. I exist so you can become better. So yeah, no clues. Just work harder as a team.

If you're having difficulties, it's totally normal. Just remember that sometimes it's better to put a puzzle aside only to come back to it later with an entirely new perspective. Once you get the puzzle right, satisfaction is guaranteed. 


Can we purchase access to some chapters and not the whole series?

So, the thing is that you get all seven chapters in the price of one. So, there's no point in separating the septology into individual events and letting you purchase each one of them (and it won't cost any less). I just want life to be easy, you know?


We're a large group and thought about dividing into teams.

What should we do?

If you split into multiple teams, you can challenge each other as well as the game.


Does the septology have any time limit?

Well, when you start playing you will see a timer, but it represents the rate at which cesium 137 decays, so you'll have plenty of time. No worries.


Are there any Reddit channels related to the septology?


Sure! You're more than welcomed to join the Reddit channel and meet up with puzzle solvers from all around the world. Discuss and share insights, but please don't spoil anything! 

Click here for the game's Subreddit. 

Join the event's facebook page to be in the know about everything!


 Feel welcome to take photos and screenshots and share them with us!

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