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Put your mental abilities to the test and stand shoulder to shoulder with the leading minds of our generation. The first chapter of the series awaits you, brave challenger, to be tackled as a solo effort, or together with the wisest members of your friends and family (or whoever's available).

Core Galore


Objective: Solve as many riddles as you can

Number of puzzles: 7

Difficulty levels: A mix of easy, medium and hard

Recommended group size: 2-5. Solo is also fine

Duration: You'll have enough time to complete all the puzzles (although a team of around five people could probably finish the entire chapter within 2-3 hours)

Requirements: A computer or tablet, Wi-Fi, pen and paper

Clues: None. Good Luck!

A quick tip: It's a good idea to open a communication channel (Zoom, Hangouts, etc.) for the group to communicate and share ideas.

Chapter 1- Core Galore

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 Feel welcome to take photos and screenshots and share them with us!


My name is Goti and I'm an international riddler. I created this series of puzzles after being inspired by HBO's Chernobyl series. My curiosity has led me down this rabbit hole and into the lap of history books, mesmerizing documentaries and countless Wikipedia articles. Learning about the disaster, its costs, its heroes and the struggles the survivors still face has pushed me to create a new means of awareness for what happened and the lessons mankind still need to internalize. Future profits from the puzzle series will be donated to 'Chernobyl Children International' whom give support and hope to children living in the aftermath of the 1986 Chernobyl Nuclear disaster.

All rights reserved for Wild Child (2021).

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