Wild Child's Virtual Hunts

Treasure hunts around the world

Come travel around the world and solve challenging 'Treasure Hunt' riddles through the virtual landscapes of 'Google Earth'.

With our virtual hunts, you'll explore the world in the smartest way possible. And most importantly- together!

This is Quebec virtual experience.jpeg
חדר בריחה בזום

A team game: All together!

In addition to the game itself, it is advised to open a communication channel in the background (Zoom, Hangouts, etc.).

All teammates can converse, send links, share screen and do anything needed to solve the riddles (even though everyone is wandering independently from different computers).

Our hunts are suitable for smart people: Families, friends and colleagues.

We have hunts in English and games in Hebrew.

Suits any number of players: From one person to a group of hundreds. A large group will divide itself into smaller teams.

This is Quebec

(Light version)

This is Quebec

This is Quebec

(Advanced version)

Fairy Tales for Master Minds

Fairy Tales Virtual game

The Chernobyl


What's the difference between the light and advanced versions?


The difference is the game's duration. The light version takes about 2 hours while the advanced version takes a while longer. Each version has its own final riddle. The advanced final riddle is a bit richer.