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Ambient Sounds

In ‘True River’ there are 25 puzzles and a big meta-puzzle.


Each one of the 25 puzzles is presented as a puzzle image.


Each puzzle image consists of two parts:

A) The puzzle board. Each board has a definite solution. 

To reach the solution, one must follow the puzzle's instructions.

(Just click on a puzzle below, and choose the 'Go to link' option) 

B) Any accompanied information (vague illustrations and/or phrases).

The meta-puzzle somehow connects the 25 puzzle images together.

This puzzle leads to the reveal of a virtual panorama and to a real-life coin that's hidden somewhere in the world.


Remember: Collaboration conquers challenges.

Embark on this adventure with family and friends.

Puzzle 11 - Lexica.jpg
Puzzle 12 - Haido.jpg
Puzzle 13 -Kropki Skyscrapers.jpg
Puzzle 14 -Yajilin.jpg
Puzzle 15 - Mastermind.jpg
Puzzle VI - LITS.jpg
Puzzle 7 - Time Zones.jpg
Puzzle 8 - Parquet.jpg
Puzzle 9 - Eulero.jpg
Puzzle 10 - Island.jpg
Puzzle 1 - Skyscrapers.png
Puzzle 2 -Yajisan Kazusan.png
Puzzle 3 - Skyscrapers.png
Puzzle 4 - Thermo Skyscrapers.jpg
Puzzle 5 - Sum Skyscrapers with a twist.png
Puzzle 16 - Ripple Effect.jpg
Puzzle 17 - Magic Spiral.jpg
Puzzle 18 - Skyscrapers Xor Haido.png
Puzzle 19 - Heterocut.jpg
Puzzle 20 - Skyscrapers Liars.png
Puzzle 21 - Skyscrapers Gaps.png
Puzzle 22 - Japanese Sums.jpg
Puzzle 23 - Double Trouble.jpg
Puzzle 24 - Eulero Scrapers.png
Puzzle 25 - Spyscrapers.png

Puzzle Hashes:


In some puzzles, hashtags appear.

Figure out which name lies behind each hashtag.

When clicking on a hashtag from the list, it directs you to a password-protected PDF, which hides additional information (for the meta puzzle).

The correct hash should be entered in lowercase letters without the hash sign.

In case of a two-word hash, place an underscore between them.

Note: The hash names themselves don't matter in terms of puzzle connectivity (except for hash name VI).

Mystical Board - Letter Map.jpg
Mystical Board - Snakes and Ladders.png

Mystical Boards:


In addition to the 25 puzzles, there are some boards which are called ‘Mystical boards’.

They are only relevant for the meta-puzzle.

They can be used occasionally, whenever it seems appropriate. Especially the Letter Map.

Mystical boards:
Snakes and Ladders: This 8X8 board has a wide variety of bizarre items on it.
The Board of Dots: There are 7 puzzle boards, which do not help with the overall connectivity. Five of them will find themselves used in this part.

Letter map: A 6X6 board with English letters.

The perennial stream below demonstrates several techniques that are associated with the Letter Map.

If you wish to complete this puzzle hunt, you will need to make sense of the 25 puzzle images and see how they connect.
Their connectivity might be derived from the puzzle boards themselves, any accompanied information (which is beside each puzzle board on the puzzle image), the puzzle boards' instructions, the mystical boards, the perennial stream and the additional info attained from the hashtags. Almost anything can become relevant at some point.

To better understand how the puzzles are connected to each other, unravel the true river and see where it takes you.

60 cm


It’s also convenient to put all the puzzle images on a visual platform such as Miro.

Download all the images here, so you can upload it onto Miro.

If you prefer old-school, get yourself a bulletin board, print the puzzle images (in color) and position them in a 5X5 grid from left to right (and from top to bottom).


There is no need to reorganize the puzzle images.

Leave some more space below for the mystical boards and other additional things.


80 cm


My name is Goti, and I'm a puzzle designer.

Haaave you met my other Puzzle Hunt? – Click here.

All rights reserved for Wild Child (2023).

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