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(Questions and Answers)

Computer or smartphone?


Playing the game on your computer is more convenient. In one of the riddles you'll encounter a flip book, whose details are only shown on a computer.

Is this game accessible forever?


Nothing lasts forever, but maybe this game will. For now it's free. Take advantage of it.

Why did I make this game?


I'm Goti and I'm an Israeli riddler and urban game designer. Lately, I created 2 virtual scavenger hunt games that help bring people together in a fun, imaginative and educational manner. In my crowd-funding project I hope to raise enough money to let me create 2 more virtual experiences and share my art with riddle enthusiasts such as yourselves. Until then, I made this secret game so you could just have fun. If you want me to make more awesome adventures for you, you can contribute to the success of this project right here.

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