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Secret Escape Game

Congratulations on passing the first challenge and landing in hell.


You decide how you play the game. For fun or for survival.

In riddle '1B' you gain virtual access to this inferno, and you'll be free to roam and look for various clues. Search everywhere!!!


How long does it take?

It depends. You can take it slow and solve a riddle from time to time throughout the course of a week or even a month, or you can engage this game with maximum efforts and escape in a couple of hours.

Gather friends.

Work together.

Search together.

Escape together. 

Wild Child's Headstart project


I'm Goti and I'm an Israeli riddler and urban game designer. Lately, I created 2 virtual scavenger hunt games that help bring people together in a fun, imaginative and educational manner. In this project I hope to raise enough money to let me make 2 more virtual experiences and share my art with riddle enthusiasts such as yourselves.


From here on out you will be presented with 6 riddles of various difficulty levels.

Each one of them has two parts (A,B). You can solve all 'A' parts whenever you like. They don't depend on one another.


Every time you solve an 'A' part, you gain access to that riddle's 'B' part in a way that an 'A' part's solution is the password for the riddle's 'B' part.


The 'B' parts are also riddles and their outputs are interconnected.

Solving the 'B' parts and understanding how they're linked is the only way to escape this nightmare. Figure out where you need to go, and good luck finding the "keys" in order to escape.

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