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A puzzle hunt about human innovation

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Whether you are family members, friends or colleagues that enjoy engaging in social adventures - this game is for you. 

Get ready to face puzzles regarding inventions and discoveries that impacted the course of humanity. You will make good use of your creative minds and solve challenging puzzles. Think and cooperate efficiently. Humanity always tends to have an attraction towards ingenuity.  

What awaits you?

In this online game, you will face 13 puzzles relating to innovation in various fields of life (Sports, Science, Inspiring People and Technology).

Dividing into teams:

It is advised to play in teams of up to 5 players. All players are advised to play from their computers, and are welcomed to open a communication channel (Zoom) if they choose to.


Perfect for: Families (Weekend) / team building for the workplace (Workweek).

Language: English.


Difficulty: Easy-Hard.


Duration:  Find your pace. Try spreading it across the weekend or the entire workweek. You'll have two weeks to finish it all.


Platforms used throughout the game:

The 'Travel Quest' website (We recommend opening it in a Google Chrome browser).

Optional - any communication platform you prefer (Zoom, Hangouts, etc.).

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