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Virtual Escape Game

Last Instructions (Read carefully):

 When solving puzzle '1B', you will get a link that will put you in a specific location in Google Earth.

 Speaking of which: GPS coordinates consist of two parts: Latitude and Longitude. For example: if you copy and paste these coordinates in google ( 46.8073, -71.2068 ), it will take you to The Citadel of Quebec City. A unique set of coordinates will be derived in puzzle 1B.

 At some point, in one of the last puzzles, you will need to use a cipher from this website (The American Cryptogram Association), so pay attention.

 The synagogue and the exhibit on Jewish life are irrelevant for this game.

 Each 'B' part relies on its 'A' part, unless told otherwise at the start of the 'B' part.

 Follow the sequence of the puzzles. Each sequential 'B' part you solve gets you closer to escaping this purgatory. Each 'B' part's solution is a word or a part of a sentence (so if you get a solution that makes sense, that means you made it). All except for '1B' which gives you the coordinates to begin with.

 The 'B' parts are password-protected PDFs. Write each password with small letters, regular spacing between words and without special characters / punctuation marks.

 If you don't wish to insert the password every time you open the password-protected PDF, just open it once, go to the toolbar: 'File'>> Export.

 In some puzzles, the parenthesis with the numbers inside mean that the solution you're looking for is a phrase with words of appropriate lengths. 

For example: (2,6,4) = A phrase with three words. The first word has 2 letters, the second has 6 and the third has 4.

 For the entire set of clues (2 clues for each puzzle), click here.

Part A:


Part B:

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