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Secret Escape Game

First set of clues:



Don’t mind the dots for now. 'Cell Blocks that are always lit': Check the squares that you didn’t mark.


The three sentences in the image are irrelevant for this part (“What...Where...Will…?”).

Did you see the two dots in 1a? Separate the nonogram’s squares in a specific manner.


1=A, 26=Z.


Take note: Clicking on the flipbook’s cover photo/text (in the website) opens an audio file.

In this riddle you need to turn all 15 question marks into digits.

Assisted by the cover photo, find the relevant prison cell and look for the 15 faces.


Have a dictionary at your side and check out every possible combination that might give you a legitimate 4-lettered english word. The existence of some words might surprise you.


A year is written on the bottom of each column. Organize the columns in a descending fashion, or to be fully accurate: reorganize the years.


There are 5 sets of 3 words each. Every set is missing the same letters (in the same order).


Search outside for the underground room. 


Gaps aren’t as important as you think. You can understand the true words behind a phrase even if the spacing between them is wrong. Try to eliminate some spacing. Maybe new words will appear.


At the starting point you can see that each gate has a number. Go through the main gates and look for each image.


One row contains a full 6-lettered word. Start from finding out what row it might be. You can search the web for ‘Word Unscramble’ sites.


Something is drawn on the wall.

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