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A gift to good people

Donate to any non political charity, impact others and get your copy of the digital phenomenon:


Get 'The Morse of Aces' in 2 easy steps:


Step 1:

Make a donation to any non-political charity. 

Feel free to check out some recommended choices.

Take a screenshot of your receipt* and remember to come back for step 2:)


Step 2:

Fill the following form** and upload your screenshot.
After the form is sent, you will be sent a copy of the 'The Morse of Aces' hopefully by the end of the day (after I'm done going over all the daily receipts). 

* The receipt must show any date ranging from 4.9.20 to 17.12.20.

** Feel free to obfuscate personal information. Nothing you upload will be used for any purpose other than verifying the donation. Nothing will be done with your information (no mailing list, no involvement of any third parties and no other shenanigans. I love my Karma clean).


Please be patient after submitting, as the file is being uploaded.

A message will soon appear.

Thank you for doing the right thing!

Your content has been submitted

and an email with the digital book will be sent to you hopefully by the end of the day.

An error occurred. Maybe some fields weren't filled correctly.

Upload your receipt
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