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Fairy Tales for Masterminds

Virtual treasure hunt around the world

Whether you are family members, friends or colleagues that enjoy engaging in social adventures - this game is for you. 

Get ready to travel to wondrous locations around the world which had great influence on fairy tales of current and past generations. You will make good use of your creative minds and solve challenging location-based riddles. Think and cooperate together efficiently in one of the most mind-boggling experiences in the world today.

How to purchase tickets for the game

How to enter the game

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What awaits you?

4 virtual riddles that lead to the creation of a unique puzzle. You will also face an ancient cipher and learn a practical memory technique for numbers.

Dividing into teams:

It is advised to play in teams of 3-6 players (4-5 preferably). If you are a large group, you can have a competition between the teams over who collects the most points. All players are advised to play from their computers, and communication is done via Zoom, Hangouts or any other platform you prefer.

Language: English.


Difficulty: Very Hard.

Recommended for those who played 'This is Quebec' or 'Lazarus'.


Duration:  3 - 3.5 hours.


Platforms used throughout the game:

The 'Travel Quest' website (We recommend opening it in a Google Chrome browser), Google Earth and any communication platform you prefer (Zoom, Hangouts, etc.).

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