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Put your mental abilities to the test and stand shoulder to shoulder with the leading minds of our generation. This is the first chapter of the series. Scratch your brain in this team (or solo) challenge. May your mind be flexible and your solutions correct.

Special updates:

The first chapter of the Chernobyl septology (Core Galore) will become available for free play during: 26/3/21 (9:00 AM UTC) - 29/3/21 (9:00 AM UTC). SAVE THE DATES!

Each team will have 2 days from the moment they start the quest. If you need more time, the puzzle chapter will become available for a nominal fee of 20$ per team (up to 5 people).

(Updated in: 27/2/21)

27/2/21: Two example puzzles have been published! Go try them! See if you have what it takes!

(Updated in: 27/2/21)

Chapter 1- Core Galore
Core Galore

Objective: Solve as many riddles as you can. 

Chance of completing the chapter: 9%

Recommended group size: 2-5. Solo is also fine.

Number of puzzles: 7.

Difficulty levels: Easy, medium and hard.

When? 26/3/21 (9:00 AM UTC - 29/3/21 9:00 AM UTC). SAVE THE DATES!

Duration: You have 2 days from the moment you choose to start (although one can complete it within a few hours, depending on the number of teammates). Afterwards, the game closes.

Core Galore


Requirements: A computer, a WIFI connection and maybe pen and paper.

Cost: Free for the specified time period. Afterwards, game access will be available for a nominal fee.

Clues: None for when it's free. After that, clues become available for all puzzles (for those who purchase).

More advice: It is wise to open a communication channel (Zoom, Hangouts, etc.) for the group to communicate, think and work together.

Core Galore


Chapter 1- Core Galore

In 26/3/21 (9:00 AM UTC) the game link will appear down below. Open it through a Google Chrome browser. After a short login, you'll be able to create a team or join an existing one.

Once all teammates are in the system and ready to go, you can start the game in a click of a button. Checking out this following tutorial might be helpful:

When the game begins, a timer of 2 days starts running with no option to stop it. Do your best to complete all of the various mind benders within the allotted time.

In 29/3/21 (9:00 AM UTC), game access will no longer be free and will be available for a nominal fee. Purchasing a team ticket also grants you clues to all of the this chapter's riddles. 

A team that will solve all of the series' chapters might be entitled to join a secretive club and a much bigger movement. Bring your intellect to the table. There is more for those who make it.

Join the event's facebook page to be in the know about everything!


 Feel welcome to take photos and screenshots (and even memes) and share them with us!

I'm Goti and I'm an international riddler. I created this series of puzzles after being inspired by HBO's Chernobyl series. Instantly, I dove into history books, mesmerizing documentaries and endless Wikipedia articles. Learning about the disaster, its costs, its heroes and the struggles the survivors still face led me to create a new means of awareness for what happened and the lessons mankind still need to internalize. Future profits from the puzzle series will be donated to international charities whom give support and hope to children living in the aftermath of the 1986 Chernobyl Nuclear disaster.

Who am I?

All rights reserved for Wild Child (2021).

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